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Trouble creating a process group through the REST API, keep getting back a 409 Conflict

New Contributor

I am trying to post a process group to NIFI using the REST API. I am local, so there is no authentication (yet) and everything is done as 'anonymous'. I am able to create a process group normally via the drag and drop. I am also up to do a PUT on an existing process group and a GET to retrieve all current process groups. My POST always returns a 409 Conflict (the name is unique for the new process group).

My header values are as follows:



and my JSON body looks like this:

{ "revision": { "version": 0}, "processGroup": { "position": { "x": 2, "y": 2 }, "parentGroupId": "<my-parent-group-id>", "name": "SuperAwesomeProcessGroup", "parent": { "id": "<my-parent-group-id>", "name": "NiFi Flow" } } }



This also fails if I use curl.

I am running version 0.7.4 of NIFI.


You may want to open Chrome Dev Tools (or the tools of whatever browser) and look at the requests being made when you create a new process group in the UI. This will show you exactly what is submitted for the POST request and you can see if you are missing something from yours.


Where in Chrome DEVELOPER Tools can i see? Can you please paste a screenshot.
I have created a processor group and ran it in NIFI UI. But i don't see any commands being executed in Developer tools.
May be i am looking in wrong place.

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