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Trouble verifying Hive functionality on Azure HDP Sandbox

I was trying to run a micro benchmark and believe I have a hive connectivity failure. As maria_dev who is now part of the hive, hadoop and hdfs groups, is my user. This is what I see on trying to connect to hive.

[maria_dev@sandbox root]$ hive

Logging initialized using configuration in file:/etc/hive/

...and it hangs. I get the same issue when executing this as hive user after sudo'ing from root.

If someone can correct me or provide a pointer to validate that maria_dev can execute hive commands, I would appreciate it.

Thanks. - Colin



In 2.5 Sandbox, the purpose of the VM is to host a docker container that hosts Sandbox HDP services. You've just logged into host machine, now you need to log into container.

Also, please use beeline for Hive, hive shell is deprecated

Artem. Thank you for your time, but I was logged into the container with the HDP bundle and completed almost all of the HDP tutorials related to Spark. I don't think you directly answered the question which is why hive I am not able to connect to hive directly. I'm calling a BigBench which makes a call to hive that hangs and thus won't complete. I traced the error down to this lack of connectivity where I stand now. thanks. - Colin

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@Colin Cunningham can you please have a look in the logs and check if there is anything amiss? Also is this on the basebox (with the default services started)? It might be something to do with available RAM ( unlikely but worth checking out ).

Another thing you can try is using beeline instead of the hive cli: