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Trying to reinstall Apache NiFi 1.5 on HDF 3.1

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2018-03-05 20:37:43,561 - Could not determine stack version for component nifi by calling '/usr/bin/hdf-select status nifi > /tmp/tmpEQc2eO'. Return Code: 1, Output: .

2018-03-05 20:37:43,591 - Could not determine stack version for component zookeeper by calling '/usr/bin/hdf-select status zookeeper > /tmp/tmpWb5zCp'. Return Code: 1, Output: ERROR: Invalid package - zookeeper

@Timothy Spann

Reproducible in brand new HDF 3.1 cluster using Ambari It happened to me too, exactly. I upgraded Ambari to latest and that did it for me.

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/usr/bin/hdf-select status zookeeper ERROR: Invalid package - zookeeper Packages: accumulo-client accumulo-gc accumulo-master accumulo-monitor accumulo-tablet accumulo-tracer atlas-client atlas-server falcon-client falcon-server flume-server hadoop-client hadoop-hdfs-datanode hadoop-hdfs-journalnode hadoop-hdfs-namenode hadoop-hdfs-nfs3 hadoop-hdfs-portmap hadoop-hdfs-secondarynamenode hadoop-httpfs hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver hadoop-yarn-nodemanager hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager hadoop-yarn-timelineserver hbase-client hbase-master hbase-regionserver hive-metastore hive-server2 hive-server2-hive2 hive-webhcat kafka-broker knox-server livy-server mahout-client nifi nifi-registry oozie-client oozie-server phoenix-client phoenix-server ranger-admin ranger-kms ranger-tagsync ranger-usersync registry slider-client spark-client spark-historyserver spark-thriftserver spark2-client spark2-historyserver spark2-thriftserver sqoop-client sqoop-server storm-client storm-nimbus storm-supervisor streamline zeppelin-server zookeeper-client zookeeper-server Aliases: accumulo-server all client hadoop-hdfs-server hadoop-mapreduce-server hadoop-yarn-server hive-server


zookeeper-server are there

@Timothy Spann

Reproducible in brand new HDF 3.1 cluster using Ambari It happened to me too, exactly. I upgraded Ambari to latest and that did it for me.


I can confirm this problem too on HDF 3.1.


Hello@Timothy Spann,

Did you find any work around for this issue ?

Or is there any Ambari patch ?

Best Regards


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i found this problem too on HDF 3.1 and ambari

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i am facing the same issue as well. is there a workaround for this?

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/usr/bin/hdf-select status zookeeper

this install command fail when install nifi, it should be :

/usr/bin/hdf-select status zookeeper-client"

where do i can edit that command ?

it still problem in HDF 3.1.2 , centos6

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my workaround with HDF 3.1.2 on centos 6:

1. after first try to install, it will fail/or some warning , i check the conf dir is invalid , and it should remove

rm /etc/nifi/conf

2.delete and reinstall nifi

3. run following command
mv /etc/nifi/conf/config_version /etc/nifi/conf/config_version_old



I have the same issue. But to work on it, I didn't have the conf directory created. I am struck here.

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I uninstalled everything and started clean. Worked no problem. There have been updates since my initial issue.

I recommend upgrading to latest release.

cleaning out old directories, logs, temporary files.

reboot, restart ambari agent, restart ambari

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