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Tutorials do not apply to HDF sandbox without HDFS, HBASE, superset, Druid, etc.

New Contributor

How can the 'maintenance mode' be turned off (via Ambari Web UI) when essential services are absent/missing/omitted from the HDF sandbox? This renders tutorials moot. So what is the point of the HDF sandbox?


Heya @Steve Hofstra. There was recently an update to the HDF sandbox (v3.1.0), which changed what all services were included. As a result, some tutorials that pointed to HDFS, HBase, etc on HDF (pre-v3.1.0), had to be updated. I think most of them are, but there may be a couple still in the works that assume a pre-v3.1.0 sandbox (they may say they require some particular version on the tutorial itself).

Hope that helps!

New Contributor

I installed this 3.1.0 and try to activate Superset but tutorial do not tell how to do it exactly
(version is ...docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-hdf-standalone:3.1.0) and there is no Superset in that package...

ZooKeeper 3.4.6 Centralized service which provides highly reliable distributed coordination
Storm 1.1.1 Apache Hadoop Stream processing framework
Ambari Infra 0.1.0 Core shared service used by Ambari managed components.
Ambari Metrics 0.1.0 A system for metrics collection that provides storage and retrieval capability for metrics collected from the cluster
Kafka 1.0.0 A high-throughput distributed messaging system
Log Search 0.5.0 Log aggregation, analysis, and visualization for Ambari managed services. This service is Technical Preview.
Ranger 0.7.0 Comprehensive security for Hadoop
NiFi 1.5.0 Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.
NiFi Registry 0.1.0 NiFi Registry is a complementary application that provides a central location for storage and management of shared resources across one or more instances of NiFi and/or MiNiFi.
Schema Registry 0.5.0 Hortonworks Registry provides Schema Registry, ML Registry and framework to build versioned entities
Streaming Analytics Manager 0.6.0 Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager makes it easy to build streaming applications and do analytics on streaming data.

So this part of tutorial is quite problematic...

Thanks @Eino Mäkitalo - we're working on some updates to that tutorial - should be updated soon! 🙂

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