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Ubuntu 18.04 and Ambari Wizard Error Cannot register host with not supported os type


I wanted to install HDP with using Ambari but unfortunately at the "Confirm hosts" step I could not register my nodes due to following exception:

Exception: Registration failed due to: Cannot register host with not supported os type, hostname=xxxx, serverOsType=ubuntu18, agentOsType=ubuntu18

I know that the official support matrix guarantees only support for Ubuntu 16.04. But it is still possible to set up for 18.04?

Or is there a workaround?


Super Mentor

@Andreas Kühnert

Ubuntu 18 is not in the Supported Operating System list of Ambari hence there are no mapping of ubuntu18 yet:


This is because the "os_family.json" file does not include the version "18" for "ubuntu".

Following are the most probable paths where you can find this file on Ambari Server Host as well as on Ambari Agent hosts.



Super Mentor

@Andreas Kühnert

A Similar JIRA request was raised recently to ad support for "Amazon2017" and following is the way it was implemented: AMBARI-20716

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