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Unable to Create principal with Windows KDC


Unable to Create principal with Windows KDC

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I want to enable security to my cluster in ambari (HDP- , for that I have followed this link to prepare my Windows KDC.

Environment used – CentOS7 and Windows 2102 KDC.

In Enable Kerberos Wizard, I have entered the Admin KDC credentials then on theStep 7(Kerberize cluster)am facing the issue on creating the principals from the Linux cluster.

Error details–

Operation(Principal creation), Status(Failed), Reason of failure(Failed to create principal, securecluster-030818@YOURDOMAIN.COM - can not check if principal exists: securecluster-030818@ YOURDOMAIN.COM), RequestId(72), TaskId(807), Principal(securecluster-030818@ YOURDOMAIN.COM)

Please any guide me to resolve this issue or I missed any pre requisites?


Re: Unable to Create principal with Windows KDC

There must more more to this error message. For some reason Ambari cannot query the Active Directory using the LDAP interface. This could be for one of several reasons. Not limited to the following:

  • The credentials provided to Ambari to use to communicate with the Active Directory does not have proper access to the specified container
  • The unlimited key JCE policy has not been installed in the JVM used by the Ambari server
  • The FQDN for the LDAP interface to the Active Directory is incorrect
  • Access to the Active Directory is being blocked by a firewall
  • The LDAPS URL is incorrect
    • Make sure the LDAP URL is actually an LDAPS URL - SSL is required to set passwords

By posting more the the error message we might have a better idea about what is going on.