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Unable to access Ambari from Cloudbreak deployed Cluster in Azure

New Contributor

When I try to access Ambari after creating a new cluster in Ambari with success I get the following error in Edge and Chrome:

This site is not secure

This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

Go to your Start page

The website’s security certificate is not secure.

Error Code: 0

Any ideas?



Hi @Benjamin Leroux,

Cloudbreak is using self-signed certificates, so this error message is not about some real threat.

New Contributor

yeah, figured as much... but I am unable to move past this screen.

You normally have a link to continue.. but I don't have that option, which means I can never get to Ambari


@Benjamin Leroux, which version of Cloudbreak you are using? Before version 2.4.0 we had a certificate generation issue, so newer browsers won't handle them.

@Benjamin Leroux

Are you using Cloudbreak 2.4?

New Contributor

yes, version 2.4

New Contributor

This is a screenshot of my browser .. as you can see, no "continue" link


I've also tried deleting the Cloudbreak DB, and start a new, then create a new HDP cluster the with same results.




@Benjamin Leroux This can happen if your company has restriceted security policy, which forbid to use self-signed certificates. In this case you have to change the self-signed certificates to a proper one on the ambari server host.

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