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Unable to access Solr Admin UI after installation - Kerberized Cluster



I just installed the Ambari Infra service on 3 nodes and when I try to access to any of Solr Admin UI, it stops me with an error:

Problem accessing /solr/. Reason:
    Authentication required

How to access this UI ?

Thanks in advance



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Hi @Bruno Lavoie,

SPNEGO works with the SOLR Admin UI, the following URL help to configure the browser to use Spnego

with a valid ticket admin should negotiate, on the other note please have a close look at the security configuration.

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If you already have SPNEGO configured correctly on the browser (e.g., native support in Mozilla/FireFox), this error can be caused if the solr host has two IP addresses and hostnames. If the local browser is using one hostname, but the solr internal hostname is different, solr will return a 401/Authentication Required. To resolve this, try accessing the alternate hostname, which may require setting up a local hosts file entry.