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Unable to add new with cloudera CDH 6.3.2


Hello Team,


We are not able to add new nodes to CDH cluster, as it is asking for username and password for down loading the archives. Till 6.3.2 CDH is free and only an upgrade to 6.3.3 will require a license. Now even old parcel url requires username and password, where should I get them from?. Will it be required to pay for getting username and password even when using CDH 6.3.2?

URL change link  more information link over here is broken. 






Hello @parthk 

Cloudera recently changed the download policy and now all CDH parcels are only available from a private repository.  


Please see the announcement here: Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF

The relevant paragraph is this:

…beginning in February 2021, no versions of Cloudera Manager, CDH, Apache Ambari, HDP and HDF releases will be available via Cloudera's public repositories. Instead, all of the then-currently supported releases of Cloudera Manager, CDH, Ambari, HDP and HDF will be accessible only to active customers with valid subscription entitlements to these Cloudera products. This follows similar changes made for versions released since November 2019, which were never posted in Cloudera’s public repositories.

Emphasis added. Yes, this is a change from the previous situation where only CDH 6.3.3 and later releases were exclusively available from the private repository. That same announcement describes how to get access to the private repository where the CDH 6.3.3 and later releases can be obtained.




Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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but CDH 6.3.2 and cloudera manager 6.3.1 are still not close source. There should be atleast some way to download it openly

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