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Unable to add the new host in the existing HDP Kerberized Cluster

Hi Team,

I am unable to add the new host in the existing dev HDP Kerberized cluster.

Getting "encountered an error" while installing the HDP.

Please find the error in ambari server log:




@sai venkatesh

The krb5.conf is a configuration file that should be distributed to all the hosts in the cluster On Centos the location /etc/krb5.conf also make sure that your passwordless connection is working between the Ambari server and the new host you intend to add.

Very important to update your /etc/hosts on all the hosts to be identical.

Once that is in place you should be able to add the host without and issue, Please revert if you encounter any problem

@geoffrey Shelton Okot I have copied the krb5.conf to new host and tried adding the host details in the /etc/hosts. After certain time i see cluster was going down and revoked the /etc/hosts. Please find the log taken from ambari-server


@Geoffrey Shelton Okot please see the above comment


@sai venkatesh

I think you have not yet done one last step after, updating the /etc/hosts entries on all the hosts. You should now go to Ambari and select add host see attached screenshots



The Ambari server should install the Ambari-agent on the new server and configure the ambari-agent.ini and then trigger Kerberos to generate the host keytab and that should succeed and those errors will disappear.



@sai venkatesh

Any updates?