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Unable to connect Oracle database

Unable to connect Oracle database


Hi Team,

I am trying to connect hue with remote oracle db.I followed steps.


oracle DB version is 12.1

Oracle thin client version is ORACLE_INSTANT_CLIENT-11.2-1.oracleinstantclient1.0.0.p0.130-el7

CM version is 5.11.1

The parcel is distributed and activated and unable to connect hue with db.When i try to test connection it is throwing error:

Able to find the Database server, but not the specified database. Please check if the database name is correct and make sure that the user can access the database. 

But i am able to connect oracle db with other users oozie,hive,scm,rman.


Please suggest any solution to connect hue with Oracle DB.




Re: Unable to connect Oracle database

Cloudera Employee

Since Hue use Oracle client to access the oracle db, so you need to specify the oracle db server and the SID name, you can't use the load balancer's IP and the service (rack) name.