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Unable to connect QuickStart VM with Tableau 10.2

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I'm trying to connect to  QuickStart VM (5.8) , from Tableau 10.2. 


Laptop 1 - Has Tableau 10.2, Quickstart VM and ODBC connector for Impala

Laptop 2 - Has Quickstart VM only.


I'm trying to collaborate with someone and want to be able to quickstart Vm on Laptop2, from Laptop 1. I'm able to connect to the VM on Laptop1 , but I get this error when I try to connect the quickstart on laptop2.


Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (100) Error from the Impala Thrift API: connect() failed: errno = 10060


I'm using the same connection type (Impala, No authentication) and just providing of hte IP of the VM, when I try to connect from within Tableau. 


We're newbies trying to learn - any idea why the connection fails with laptop2 and suggestions on fixing it ? Much appreciated, thanks!




New Contributor

we're seeing a similar problem connecting to impala on CDH 5.5 from Tableau 10.2.  It works fine with earlier versions of Tableau (10.1.x) as long as you use an older impala driver (2.5.23).  I haven't tried alternative versions of the driver with the new version of Tableau yet.