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Unable to connect to Hive CLI through putty(ssh)

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Hi Team,

I am using HDP 2.4 on HDinsight 3.6(azure) with HIVE , I am unable to connect to hive CLI through putty but i am able to connect the hive view in ambari.

I was getting stuck in below stage

ssh-hadoop:~$ hive

WARNING: Use "yarn jar" to launch YARN applications.

Logging initialized using configuration in file:/etc/hive/

Can you Please help me to get out this issue ASAP



Try launching Hive cli as 'hive --hiveconf hive.execution.engine=mr".

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Try launching Hive cli as 'hive --hiveconf hive.execution.engine=mr".

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Thanks @Sindhu

It was working fine with hive --hiveconf hive.execution.engine=mr".

but why should we use this? instead "hive" which i was using since starting?


TEZ Engine first allocates memory in the cluster , then it lauches the hive cli, If you launching hive in TEZ engine, Check if any jobs in accepted state . This is the reason hive is not able to launch TEZ Engine , if you enable the debug the logs , you can able to see where it got stuck.

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@ssubhas This did not work as well. Can you help me out. I am unable to connect to HIVE SERVICE in Putty.


Check free memory is present in the client node .

if it is a kerberized cluster , Ensure you have a valid ticket.

Still if you have not got clue, Launch the hive cli with debug mode and check the debug logs.

hive -hiveconf hive.log.file=debug_hive.log -hiveconf hive.log.dir=/tmp/hiveCLI -hiveconf hive.root.logger=DEBUG,DRFA
; ;