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Unable to create Hive external table after deleting underlying location files of the table.

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I am unable to create external hive table after manually deleting underlying hdfs location files of the table.


when table desc is statement is issued, it gives the describe of the table, but when select is performed on the table, then we are getting table doesn't exists. So we issued drop statement. 


After issuing drop statement, then we again tried to create the table, but we are getting table already exists. Do we need to manually do a delete from the hive metastore ? or is there any way to forcefully re-create the table ? Please let me know. 



I guess table is not getting dropped. Please run repair statement and the run select statement to retrive the data. 




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We even ran the MSCK repair table, but still no luck. Any other options ?


Could you try performing the "Validate hivemetastore schema "  from Cloudera manager - > Hive service then 

Let us know if you are able to create the same table.