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Unable to create a cluster with Openstack's Newton Packstack Installation


I have deployed Openstack successfully using Packstack's Newton version. I have also integrated my cloudbreak with openstack and it is working smoothly .

However, when trying to create a cluster, Cloudbreak reports the error in [1].

Could someone please guide as to what steps should be done to recover and properly create a running VM cluster using CloudBreak on Openstack Newton??

Also , is Newton supported.




As per the documentation, it's not supported yet.

OpenStack Supported Versions

Cloudbreak was tested against the following versions of Red Hat Distribution of OpenStack (RDO):

  • Juno
  • Kilo
  • Liberty
  • Mitaka

Expert Contributor


As the log shows you didn't import the image Cloudbreak requires. Please read the documentation found here: .

Hi ,

I have imported both the images into my cloudbreak following the openstack documentation . Attaching the screenshot. Let me know in case I have missed something.


Expert Contributor


The image name is incorrect you don't need the .img at the end of the name. (Maybe the documentation has to be fixed)

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