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Unable to create hive table from df in Zeppelin


Hello community,

I am using hdp3.0.1 and I can not create a hive table from a df in Zeppelin.

I have seen the below articles:

I am able to execute the most of HiveWarehouseSession API operations (like show/create/drop table),however, I am unable to create a hive table from an existing df

I am getting the following error after running this command:

df.write.format(HIVE_WAREHOUSE_CONNECTOR).option("table", "new_hive_table").save()

java.util.NoSuchElementException: None.get
  at scala.None$.get(Option.scala:347)
  at scala.None$.get(Option.scala:345)
  at com.hortonworks.spark.sql.hive.llap.HiveWarehouseConnector.createWriter(
  ... 61 elided<br>

If you require any other information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance



Hi @cstefan,

Did you solve this?

I have the same problem.


Hi @cstefan ,


Could you please check and let us know the value in "HIVE_WAREHOUSE_CONNECTOR"


And hive parameters setting in Spark2.


Hi @cstefan,


I have the same problem but sometimes its works and sometimes no. I need start several time my jobs for not have the error. So did you solved this issue ?


thanks in advance for your help

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