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Unable to create hive table using Mongo hadoop connector

I have added mongo-hadoop-hive and mongo-hadoop core and java connector jars in the hive yet it throws

FAILED: SemanticException Cannot find class 'com.mongodb.hadoop.hive.MongoStorageHandler'

error. can anyone help?


Hey @Krupal Jagtap!
Did you try to put these 3rd parties jar in the hive.aux.jars.path param?
BTW: You may have to restart your HiveServer2.
Hope this helps!

Hi , thanks for the response , I have already added the jar in the hive-site.xml under hive.aux.jars property. and have restarted the hive shell as well as HiveServer2 . yet the error seems to be the same

"FAILED: SemanticException Cannot find class 'com.mongodb.hadoop.hive.MongoStorageHandler'"