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Unable to create more than 100 Kafka topics using Nifi ProduceKafka processor

New Contributor

We have built a scalable production cluster using Hortonworks cloudbreak with a 5 node Kafka cluster and 2 node Nifi cluster
We are using the ProduceKafka network processor in Nifi to create topics on kafka broker.
Unfortunately we are unable to create more than 100 topics on Kafka using this method. We are using a Nifi expression language pattern.
We have more than 20000 clients generating massive amounts of data and we need to create atleast 20K topics so that we can achieve the level of performance desired by our customer.
Do let us know if we are missing something here or if there is a workaround.


Cloudera Employee

Hi @raghu_nt 

Thanks for posting this. It might help if you can give the community a bit more information on what the problem is. 

You say that you're unable to create more than 100 topics using the ProduceKafka network processor in NiFi, is there a specific issue that you experience once you go beyond that limit? Are you seeing any errors? 

New Contributor

I have a C# microservice that is running in cloud that continuously keeps receiving data from about 20k devices in the field. Everytime this microservice receives data it passes the same to Nifi PublishKafka processor which in turn is configured to create a new topic with the pattern TL-<DeviceSerialNo> . PublishKafka places the device data on the topic and publishes to kafka. So lets say TL-0001.... TL-1000, TL-1299...TL-20000 are the kafka topics that are supposed to be created by Nifi. But when I go to the Kafka broker host what I find is that after TL-99 there are no new topics created.

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