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Unable to delete a process group in Nifi.

New Contributor

I have downloaded a processor group from a template and performed some operations. I wanted to delete it as i got fully established workflow in which the same processor group is present again. So, i don't need the previously downloaded processor group. When I tried to delete it by right clicking on it and select delete option, It is saying unable to delete it due to some controller services are not disabled. I checked everything and could not find any enabled controller service.




Hi @Bharat Mupparthi

Make sure you are looking for Controller Services at the proper level. There are “Reporting Task Controller Services” which are defined via the Global menu (“hamburger” menu) at the top right of the UI:


There are Controller services defined at the Root Process group level:


There are Controller Services defined at the process group level (in your instance, “Membership Processing” process group or any nested process groups within it). To check, make sure the process group is selected and then choose Configure from the Operate Palette (gear icon) or right-click and select “Configure”:


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