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Unable to find Hortonworks HDPCDeveloper AMI in AWS


I dont see the hortonworks hdpcd developer practice exam. Is someone running into similar issue and know the root cause ? I can see few other AMI but nothing related to hortonworks.



@Rajesh Sathrasala

Once you type "Hortonworks" in the search box, please hit enter key. Sometimes the response is sluggish and it does not show search results as you type.

I am able to see it right now.


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Thanks Dinesh for responding. This is so weird. I still cant see. I did hit 'enter' key and nothing shows up under Community AMI for hortonworks. The path I took -EC2 => Launch Instance => Community AMIs. Can this be something to do with how i registered my account ? I also tried from various browsers but still no luck.


This is indeed weird. The path "EC2 => Launch Instance => Community AMIs" is correct. I do not see how this could be related to your registration. If you want, we can join a screenshare session and try to look at it.


Sure Dinesh. we can do a screen share if that's ok with you. Let me know how to go about. I really appreciate you trying to helping me out. BTW, i created another account in aws and I still can't see 😞


I found it finally. I had to switch to a different region. It did not show up with Ohio region.

There is an option to switch to a different region on top right corner.

Cool. 🙂 ..