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Unable to get VMWare and VirtualBox versions of the VM on Windows 10 working for my Cloudera Certification Training. HELP!

New Contributor

I am getting and error that is had to terminate.VM Issue.JPG


I can't see tp get my VM to work with no matter what I try. Any help would be so incredibly appreciated. Thanks all. 


Cloudera Employee

Here are a couple things that other Coursera learners have done to solve this problem:

  • Try running VirtualBox as the administrator user. To do this, right click on the shortcut to VirtualBox, and click Run as administrator.
  • Discard any changes that have been made to the VM. To do this, right click on the VM in the list of VMs inside VirtualBox, and click Discard Saved State, then click to confirm.

If those do not fix the problem, then please reply with answers to the following questions so we can try to help you further:

  • Was the VM working for you and then it stopped working? Or did it never work for you?
  • When you expand Details in the error dialog, what does it say?
  • What version of Windows are you using?
  • What version of VirtualBox are you using?
  • How many GB of RAM does your computer have?

In the future, we please post questions like this to the course discussion forums on the Coursera platform, where other Coursera learners are more likely to see them and provide assistance.

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