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Unable to launch HDPCA exam link

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I attempted the HDPCA exam on 06/07/18,As per the instruction from proctor,i was asked to open the exam link which the proctor has shared on that day,When I tried opening the link It showed "Your Clock is ahead" in browser , I changed the date and time on my machine ,But the error was keep on coming. I verified my machine time with network time ,it was perfectly matched.
I have passed all the compatibility test which was mentioned in the compatibility tool check also my network bandwidth was around 80/80 download/upload speed. Proctor also reviewed and verified the above things.But still i could not take the exam on that day(06/07/18).
As this was my first exam i have read all the instructions carefully and met machine requirement,but i could not take up this exam. i tried for almost 2 hours even with another machine also,but no luck.Proctor asked me to close the exam and he marked my attempt as "Candidate Declined". I'm not sure,How they can mark it as "candidate declined" ?
I was left with no options on that day ,So i closed the exam ,I have not even seen my questions on that day,I sent an email with all the required proofs to to reschedule my exam as suggested by the proctor ,I received an acknowledgement with ticket no-15165.
Its been 15+ days since my attempt,I have not received any update other than acknowledgment.I sent many follow-up mails on top of the request,Still no one is responding. I'm not sure what to do now. I even tried to reach Voice support ,always I'm getting the reply saying that "No one is available to take up this call". Its really frustrating i don't want to lose my attempt without even seeing the questions .
I don't know how many days they will take to respond my email with the update.
It would be helpful if anyone from the team could help me with the update.Below are my candidate and confirmation code details.
Confirmation Code: 686-AB2
Candidate Id: 4544121022

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@tbroas - can you please check this request ?

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