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Unable to login with Ambari user Credentials in ssh


I have created a user in Ambari for which there is username and password while trying to login on SSH with Ambari Credentials ,after providing my username it prompts for password I typed my password but it keeps on prompting to enter my password. Please help me with this @Shelton and others in the community if you too encountered and resolved or have a solution


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Could please confirm the below things? 
>> If that user is a local user (Means its created through ambari UI )? 

If yes that user will not be able to login to your OS.

>> Where does this user belong to Is it coming from AD or Ldap?

>> Where you are trying to ssh? What server is that ?

>> Are you doing curl on Ambari URL and trying to access with that user?
If thats the case, then it should be able to curl. 

>> Please attach some screenshot of this event to understand it better. 


@harry_12 I believe that users which are created in Ambari are for logging into ambari UI.

If you need an SSH user for a particular host, you should create that user in the node(s) operating system directly.