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Unable to obtain listing of buckets


I am currently running NiFi 1.6.0 and NiFi Registry 0.1.0 in the official apache docker containers and both boot up with zero errors. My problem occurs when I try to Start Version Control on a Processor Group:

"Unable to obtain listing of buckets: Connection refused (Connection refused)"

I followed the guide:

I am using the same sys_admin cert for both containers and I am able to login just fine.

My nifi-registry-app.log shows this entry when I try to start version control:

"[NiFi Registry Web Server-17] o.a.n.r.w.m.IllegalStateExceptionMapper java.lang.IllegalStateException: Kerberos service ticket login not supported by this NiFi Registry. Returning Conflict response."

Please let me know what additional information I should include.




New Contributor

Did you find a resolution? We have the same issue.


Sadly no. We just moved forward unsecure and anonymous login to nifi-reg. Securing more from the outside instead of internal to the environment. Basically coming up with a comment format to identify who is making the change.

New Contributor

Same problem here. NIFI 1.7.1 and NIFI Registry 0.2.0. I already see this exception when I don't run NIFI, but only NIFI reg. I used the docker container for the registry :; it messes up my NIFI Registry GUI, as the app in the browser receives 409 errors...

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