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Unable to open Kylin Web interface

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I am using Hortonworks sandbox HDP 2.6.5. I have installed apache kylin 2.6.0-bin on sandbox. Kylin has started successfully.

But i am not able to open Kylin Web Interface. Port 7070 is registered and when i checked using below command it shows port is open:

netstat -tupln | grep 7070

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      4092/java

When i enter http://localhost:7070/kylin in chrome it shows page can't be found.

How can i resolve this ?




Do you have kerberos enabled?

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@Gorka Zárate

No, kerberos is not enable.

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@Gorka Zárate

When i did same configuration on Cloudbreak for HDP on azure, Kylin UI is working.

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Hi @heta desai,

I'm not sure if you resolved your issue. I've currently got everything running in the Sandbox (port is open) and I can't get the Web UI to load up.

I'm still picking at this. If I find anything, I will post.

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Hi, I'm having the same problem. I'm running Kylin 2.6.3 on HDP 2.5. I can start the Kylin service, but when I try to access the web UI, I get the page not found error.

I also checked to be sure the port (7070) was open and listening with the netstat command, like the user above, and it is listening.

[root@sandbox ~]# netstat -tupln | grep 7070tcp        0      0 :::7070                     :::*                        LISTEN      29215/java[root@sandbox ~]#

This is really frustrating, I've been stuck on this for days.

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