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Unable to restrict column through Ranger ( HDP2.5 sandbox)


Re: Unable to restrict column through Ranger ( HDP2.5 sandbox)


Hi @Dinesh Das, Ranger policies should have same effect with Hive view in Ambari as well as beeline. I have tried both and the results I get are always the same provided you are trying the queries as same user.

As which user are you logged in to Ambari when you give the hive select query?

Do you start the beeline pseudo-ed as the same user?

If the users are the same, can you try once more in Hive view and then goto Ranger UI->Audit tab on top->Access tab and then in search box, give user as your user, service as Hive and see which Ranger policy allows you to go through with select. The policy id will me mentioned in the left most column and when you click on it, it will show you policy details.

Similarly without making changes to any policies, su as the same user and start beeline, and give exactly the same query.

Again goto Ranger access audit logs and see which policy denied the user to do a select successfully?