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Unable to run Hive in command line after successfully install sandbox 2.6.3


I have installed HDP 2.6.3 sandbox. Ambari is working fine. I tried some HiveQL in Ambari, its ok. But while i am trying to open hive in ssh, it stopped. Please see the screen shot. Need help to resolve this issue. hive1.jpg



Hi @Marshal Tito

If you are using a modern version of HDP, you may wish to try using the Beeline CLI. Here's an answer that can help get you started:

Master Collaborator

Can you look into the Yarn RM UI to see if there is any capacity to launch applications? Perhaps that's what may be blocking your CLI to initialize and offering you the prompt. You can also use beeline CLI as suggested by @Sonu Sahi if your queries don't interact with local resources on client host.


i had the same problem and i resolved by adding the number of session of hive.

or killing some process of yarn

yarn application -list; (to list the process yarn).



Thank you all. Increasing HiveServer2 heap size and Metastore heap size my problem got resolved.