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Unable to run the hadoop commands in sandbox


I have installed hortnworks sandbox on virtual machine. I am unable to perform any Hadoop commands.



Super Guru

@Nikhil Vemula - Looks like you are running docker sandbox. You need to connect to docker container first before running hadoop commands.

Can you please try below ssh command along with default password ( I think it's hadoop )

ssh -p 2222 root@localhost

Once you are connected to docker container, you should be able to run hadoop commands.


@Kuldeep Kulkarni

If I use the port number 2222 followed by the root@localhost

after open the terminal, if i enter the ip addr show command

the ip address is different from the root@localhost

@Nikhil Vemula

useloc You can also use localhost:4200 and it will directly link you to the Docker container. Username: root and Password: hadoop

If you want to access anything else then they specifically mention their tutorial port which is: 8888. So, you just need to enter the web url and you'll have the information about all the ports.