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Unable to save configurations for custom services from ambari

New Contributor

I have a custom stack created for Ambari that monitors services/app on my cluster. The control of the apps works well. But I want to modify configurations from the UI. The change to the existing conf from WEB UI gives "save successful" popup. But the value doesn't change, the app doesn't go to stale config state and the postgres db doesn't have the new value. Am i missing something when creating the stack?


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@Vignesh Mahadevan

Please try this:

1. Open the ambari-server.log in tail mode before making the changes from ambari UI.

# tail -f /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log

2. Now make the changes to the custom service configuration from ambari UI and then check the logs if there are any errors/warning observed.


It will be also good to share the ambari-server.log from the restart point to the point where the configuration changes were made so that we can see if there is any strange behavior logged.


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Hi @Jay Kumar SenSharma,

The log file doesn't show any warning or error on saving. it even says save successful in UI. The log is attached for reference.

What i noticed is that in case of HDP service from HDP 2.6 stack, there is a HTTP PUT call happening on saving configs which then pushes it to stale state to the API : /api/v1/clusters/dev after a call to /api/v1/stacks/HDP/versions/2.6/validations

But for my stack service, the same doesn't get called. Only validation call happens.

I exported the PUT from HDP Stack as a curl bash command, modified it for my stack and service with proper config params as the data and ran the curl from the shell. This triggered the change to happen and UI showed stale configs. So what is causing the config push to not happen from the UI?ambari-server.txt


@Vignesh Mahadevan have u already solved the problem ? please tell me how to do .