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Unexpected EOF while pulling image hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1

New Contributor

Hi All,

I am not able to pull image hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1 into my MAC.

Its thorwing an error - 'Unexpected EOF' after completing download. I have tried docker prune and also docker reinstall but no luck.

I have tried to pull it by running docker deploy script as well but its failed with same error message.

Can someone please suggest where could be the issue. Please help.


Output from terminal :-

docker -l debug pull hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1

3.0.1: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-hdp

70799bbf2226: Pull complete

40963917cdad: Pull complete

3fe9adbb8d7e: Pull complete

ee3ec4e8cb3d: Pull complete

7ea5917732c0: Pull complete

2d951411620c: Pull complete

f4c5e354e7fd: Pull complete

22ffa6ef360f: Pull complete

2060aa0f3751: Pull complete

ca01ba34744d: Pull complete

83326dded077: Pull complete

eb3d71b90b73: Pull complete

bdd1cab41c81: Pull complete

500cc770c4bd: Pull complete

0cb1decd5474: Pull complete

b9591f4b6855: Pull complete

f28e56086127: Pull complete

e7de4e7d0bca: Pull complete

ec77967d2166: Pull complete

4fdcae170114: Pull complete

6347f5df8ffc: Pull complete

6a6ecc232709: Pull complete

ea845898ff50: Downloading [==================================================>]  1.328GB/1.328GB

02135573b1bf: Download complete

cb0176867cd8: Download complete

3c08321268fd: Download complete

82e82a97c465: Downloading [==================================================>]  4.407GB/4.407GB

8aaaa48ed101: Download complete

74b321ac2ac5: Download complete

569da02c0a66: Download complete

af40820407ef: Downloading [==================================================>]  10.52GB/10.52GB

unexpected EOF