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Uninstall HDP completely

New Contributor


I have recently installed HDP 3.0. I was trying to work on below tutorial,

Since Apache nifi was needed, as per the instructions provided in below link, i implemented the steps.

When i arrived at below step, the SSH command resulted in an error, 'Connection refused'

Once the container is created, SSH into the HDF sandbox:

ssh -p 12222 # password: greenhadoop

I understood that i need to install HDF sandbox. So i tried to upgrade Ambari and HDP before upgrading HDF sandbox to the whole set up. Here i followed below steps as mentioned:

The above link was helpful in some places. In some places, i was running to permission denied error. This messed up the whole installation (if i am not wrong) leading to lot of critical alerts in Ambari. Finally i thought of getting the Whole HDP uninstalled and was thinking about starting everything from the scratch.

The pain point is when uninstalling HDP. As found in below links; i referred and tried to uninstall HDP so that i can start with a new set of installtion for HDP and HDF afresh.

Above links have several breaking points and I was not able to successfully complete the uninstall.

Now i am stranded and not able to proceed further with my POC. Appreciate if someone can help with you inputs to start everything afresh. All i am planning to do is to perform a POC and learn NIFI integration with Kafka. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.




The above question was originally posted in the Community Help track. On Sat Jul 6 20:52 UTC 2019, a member of the HCC moderation staff moved it to the Sandbox & Learning track. The Community Help Track is intended for questions about using the HCC site itself, and the original question is really about The HDP Sandbox.

Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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New Contributor

Thanks for mapping my question to the right team.

I would really appreciate if anyone could share their experience or thoughts.

Appreciate your inputs. Thanks



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