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Upgrading CDH 5.8 to CDP 7.1

New Contributor

Can any one help me to get perform the steps to perform for doing CDH 5.8 kerberised to CDP 7.1 run time?





The first step is to check the Cloudera upgrade path using the My environment matrix calculator

See screenshot below




After filling in all the information request this generates for you a report and warnings like

Upgrades from CDH 5.12 and lower to 
CDP Private Cloud Base are not supported. You must upgrade the cluster to CDH versions 5.13 - 5.16 before upgrading to CDP Private Cloud Base.

For upgrades from CDH 5 clusters with Sentry to Cloudera Runtime 7.1.1 (or higher) clusters where Sentry privileges are to be transitioned to Apache Ranger, the cluster must have Kerberos enabled before upgrading

It also gives you comprehensive details about the best approach and component incompatibilities, this is your source of true I would suggest you try it and revert


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