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Upgrading from HDP 2.6.5 to CDP 7.1.1

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

We are planning to upgrade our cluster from HDP 2.6.5 to CDP 7.1.1.

Can somebody suggest me what are the key areas and points to be considered before upgrade. And any precautions we need take while upgrading, our major workloads are running in Hive, spark also we have Atscale, Nifi. 

so it would be really helpful if I get at least some basic things to be focused.


Many Thanks,




Hello @ameya ,


thank you for your question about how to upgrade your cluster from HDP 2.6.5 to CDP 7.1.1.

This quick start guide details the steps to follow.


If you’re a Cloudera Subscription Support customer, we can connect you with your Account team to explore a possible Services engagement for this request. Let us know if you’re interested in this path, we’ll private message you to collect more information.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


Best regards:


Ferenc Erdelyi, Technical Solutions Manager

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