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Use Impala to read parquet from (local) disk instead of HDFS




we are doing a PoC with Kudu and Impala. For testing purposes we are using as well Spark to read Parquet files from the local disk which is pretty easy:


val df_parquet1 ="parquet").



and then we are able to query it directly within spark:

select *
from test_parquet1
limit 100

I'm looking for a similar approach for Impala. Is it really a must that I have to load the Parquet files to a HDFS storage? Because in our case this makes no sense, we use mainly kudu, so the HDFS part is only there to get Impala running. Our idea is to store the Parquet on a big file share, but without HDFS, as it would generate additional overhead. 


So my question, how can I access Parquet files with Impala from (local) disk without HDFS?




Expert Contributor

Hi @teether,
I think the answer is no way to do it, because of the Impala is a MPP query engine created on top of hadoop (including the hadoop-hdfs).

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