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Use RDD.foreach to Create a Dataframe and execute actions on the Dataframe in Spark scala


Hi All,

I'm trying to read a config file in spark read.textfile which basically contains my tables list. my task is to iterate through the table list and convert Avro to ORC format. please find my below code snippet which will do the logic.

val tableList ='tables.txt')

tableList.collect().foreach(tblName => {

val df ="avro").load(inputPath+ "/" + tblName)



Please find my configurations below

DriverMemory: 4GB

ExecutorMemory: 10GB

NoOfExecutors: 5

Input DataSize: 45GB

My question here is this will execute in Executor or Driver ? this will throw Out of Memory Error ? please comment your suggestions.




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Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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