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Users and Groups in Ambari HortonWorks





Hello Community,


I want to add users and groups but when i connect to ambari settings i could see only this.

Any idea please?

The version is 2.7.4


Many thanks in advance



Re: Users and Groups in Ambari HortonWorks



What sort of users do you want to add local Ambari users? You can add users on the Linux box the only condition is the user id should be more than 1000any user id below that will not be synced in Ambari when the usersync process runs.


To add local users see screenshot and steps below



Create a local user

  • On the Ambari Admin page, browse to Users.
  • Click Create Local User.
  • Enter a unique user name. 
  • Enter a password, and then confirm that password.
  • Click Save.



Every user create in Ambari should have a home in hdfs usually in /users/xxx that can be achieved by CLI as user hdfs

$ hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/xxx


Grant the new user xxx  access rights, the group is usually hdfs
$ hdfs dfs -chown  xxx:<$group>


Managing local Ambari users

Enable user home directory creation


On your Ambari Server host, edit the ambari-properties file.
using a command-line editor
vi /etc/ambari-server/conf/
Add the following property:
Add the script path to the ambari properties file:


In a Kerberized environment, you must modify the kinit file path in the default user creation hook script.

Restart Ambari server.
ambari-server restart


If you intend to create Linux users to be synced by the Ranger user sync then do that on the host level as root


# useradd test1 

Make sure the user id is above 1000, that user will be synced by the user sync process but if you didn't enable the  then you MUST create manually the home in HFDS



Re: Users and Groups in Ambari HortonWorks


Thank you for your answer


Actually, in Ambari , I could not see USers and Groups page .. (Please check the screenshoot)




As I am the administrator of the platform, I use admin/admin

I will have developers who will use the hadoop platform. As the users are in AD , I think that I should integrate Hadoop with AD?

The strange thing that I don't have access to users and groups

What do you think please?

Should developers have access to Ambari?

Thanks and Regards


Re: Users and Groups in Ambari HortonWorks




You are looking at the wrong place, the navigation path to get that option is Ambari UI--->top Right triangle next to Admin give you a drop-down list

Under AdminUnder Admin


Ambari UiAmbari Ui


Users and GroupsUsers and Groups


Yes you can give read-only or limited privileges access to developers to understand the different roles see the roles can be accessed from the same pane see screenshot

 Understanding Ambari cluster roles and access


The Cluster User  is a read-only   role is a good one to give in the first instance because the developer might complain some service is down etc and with this role they can see all the service status etc and only alert you when they are RED down



Re: Users and Groups in Ambari HortonWorks


My bad !

Thank you very much for your answer. Now I can see the sun 🙂

So basically, the access to ambari server is that developers for example may monitor in read only of services are ok.

My question is now that how those developers could access the hadoop for their development?

I can test spark submit by connecting as a root user to one of the spark nodes.

In order to give access to developers to use the hadoop platform for their calculation , what should  I configure? /users are in AD


Thank you very much in advance for your help !