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Using knox as a reverse proxy for YarnUI

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I just started to configure knox gateway in order to enforce https protocol and require authentication to access our cluster UIs & services.

I gave a try to yarn UI, following documentation, but faced several problems related to wrong URLs :

First, the "main" UI works as expected using following URL : https://knoxserver:8443/gateway/{cluster}/yarn

=> It properly displays the list of all the yarn applications.

If I click on one application in this screen, it displays the details about this application (the application type is "MAPREDUCE")

Next, if I click on the "Logs" link for the first attempt of the application, my browser complains about the URL, because this URL is something similar to


Similarly, if I click on the "History" link (next to "Tracking URL:" label), my browser displays the details about the M/R job, but all the links in this page are wrongs because they miss "gateway/{cluster}/yarn" in their URL.

As an example, here is the URL for the "1" link for successfull Maps operations :


It seems to be a problem due to the way these pages are built...?

Is there a way to fix/workaround this problem with "rewrite" rules in knox service configuration ? I dont think so but as I'm a beginer with knox stuff, I prefer ask to you guys

Thanks for your help


Hi @Sebastien Chausson,

There are jiras raised for the same actually. We are working on it to fix the issue.