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VM not part of Domain after resize | Cloudbreak for Hortonworks Data Platform on Azure Marketplace

New Contributor

Hello Team,
i have resized multiple VMs in my Azure HDP as per


after the resize one of the VMs is not resolving the FQDN and cant even resolve any DNS records 

while other VMs in the same Vnet/Subnet are working fine

any thoughts 


New Contributor

Hello , 


We had the same problem upon resizing the machines via the azure portal.


Here are the steps to fix the issue :


  1. netstat -tulpn | grep 53 - Ensure unbound resolver is running.
  2. cat /var/lib/unbound/root.key - this file was empty which was the root cause of the issue.
  3. "unbound-anchor -v" - execute this command to populate the root.key file
  4. systemctl start unbound.service
  5. systemctl status unbound.service
  6. nslookup