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Version upgrade from HDP 2.6 to CDP

Team, with the Current setup we have HDP 2.6 version on all our clusters; And if we talk about the newer technology & to the CDP Is it advisable to proceed via Version 3 and then to the CDP or a direct hop make sense please.


I would like to have knowledge w.r.t :-



Use case

Intigration with other tools and rest of the world.


Thanks! for your inputs and suggestions.


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Anyone have thoughts on this?

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I have the same Question, any suggestions?


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Talking about challenges expect them in the process of migrating from HDP to CDP. According to info available, the recommended path is from HDP 2.6 to HDP 3.X. currently 3.1.0.
The merger made Cloudera take some serious thinking on the choice of what to bundle in the new offering the best of the 2 worlds (HWX & CDH) for example Sentry which was the weakest link was dropped in favor of Ranger!




I have attached a screenshot that will give you a picture of what to expect, I will leave you to appreciate and calculate the efforts for whatever path you will decide to take 🙂


If you are on HDP just know Ambari is gooooone so you will have to get used to Cloudera Manager,the biggest issue would be security but according to some sources your RBAC policies in Sentry will be migrated to Ranger and mapped correctly. If you have gone through a big version migration you will know that deprecated tool eg Falcon has to be removed before a successful migration so I let you imagine the complexity from HDP to CDP but I still think there will be a good migration tool. Personally I would choose to create a new CDP cluster and copy data across DISTCP.


CDP is built on world-class industry-tested components as I said best of the 2 worlds so expect some thrust with Kudu/Impala/LLAP and for example simplified backup with BDR, HUE, CM managing many clusters a single glass of pane etc just good stuff coming

Use Case

Same as HDP 🙂 with more productivity and smart tooling.

This will be a challenge to form HDP and CDH users but as industry stand software it should be doable and fun.(LDAP/AD/SSL/TLS/Kerberos/SSO) and some third-party tools like kylo.

All these is my personal thoughts and not that of Cloudera.

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