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View state empty in QueryDatabase processor for incremental fetch.


Hi I'm using query database on my mysql database table. I'm able to perform a simple query like "select * from table_name" successfully.

I want to fetch records on incremental basis, i.e i want to pull the newest record every time the processor runs. But the processor doesn't store any state from "view state". Also i want to mention that my table's first column is a alphanumeric code eg. AL0031.

Can you please suggest me a way to fetch records incrementally from my mysql DB table.


Super Guru

@Jayashree S

Please follow this link to configure QueryDatabase table processor.

To incrementally pull data from Mysql table give MaxColumnName property value as one of your columns from the table.

Then processor keep track of the max column and only fetches the changes from the table.


If you are still facing issue provide us more details about the issue and configuration of the processor.