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Virtual Box - Error


i downloaded virtual box and sandbox. however,

I failed to import appliance.

i have 3 GB free in local disk(C:)

do i need more free space?

I attached error message with images exactly. any advice?

Can i download and install in external hard disk, at least how much space i need to buy?

Please advise me. thank you very much.

Andrew P




Super Mentor

@Andrew Park

The HDP Sandbox image itself of size 9-12 GB you you should have atleast that much disk space.

Image File Sizes:
VMware – 9.9 GB
VirtualBox – 9.7 GB
Docker – 12.5 GB

And a dedicated 8GB RAM.


Dear Jay Kumar

Can I attach external hard drive and download and install in (D:) drive?

because I cannot uninstall other applications from (C:) drive.

Thank you for advice.


Super Mentor

@Andrew Park

Yes it can be done. Please see the following Blogs:

NOTE: I have not practically used those links on my own but those links looks promising. Please refer to the above links based on your own decision.


Dear Jay,

thank you very much. I will try in external hard drive.

I really appreciate.



I am downloading (D:) External hard Disk.

still received error message. please advise.


Super Mentor

@Andrew Park

Is your filesystem NTFS on external drive?The above error "file is too large for destination file system" indicates a Windows FileSystem issue (Specially the filesystem formatting type)

Can you please check the following links:



NOTE: please be sure to take a backup of your external drive before following the recommendations from the above links.


Hi Jay

I downloaded and imported sandbox in external hard drive(D;)

now I am starting imported sandbox and got another error.

Could you please advise.start-error.jpg

Super Mentor

@Andrew Park

This error "VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)" indicates that the Virtualization option is not enabled for the CPU in the local machine's BIOS (laptop).

You will need to enable Virtualization option on your Local Machine (I guess you are using Windows) So based on your Windows version please refer to the Microsoft relevant doc to enable it.

Please find the following link for similar info:


Hi Jay,

Thank you for your help.

I started sandbox and then after for a while..

Waiting for ambari agent to connect....

Please advise.

thank you

Andrew Park