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Virtual Box or Docker: Which sandbox environment needs less system resources?



I am considering getting sandbox up and running on my Macbook Pro [16GB Ram] but I was not completely sure which one to install Virtual Box or Docker.

Which of these two uses less system resources to get up and running?

Which one would you recommend?

Thanks much in advance for your help,



Docker would save resources if you could share the host kernel. On MacOS, you need to run docker-machine before you can run docker containers, so you will have a full Linux VM anyway. From that point of view, it should not make much difference, use whatever you like better.

New Contributor

If you use Docker for Mac it will use less resources because it will use the native hypervisor built into macOS and install a minimal OS on top of that. Much more light weight compared to a full VM under virtual box.


I tried both Virtualbox and Docker on the same Macbook, Docker used less resources and was faster.