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What are different types of schemas in hbase/hive?

I would like to know the schemas in hbase


Please edit your questions with some additional information as this is not enough for the community to try to help you. Are you wondering about any "sys catalog" styled information that HBase maintains internally?

If you are asking about "classic schemas/database", then Hive has this with normal SQL commands such as "CREATE DATABASE xyz" and "USE xyz" as well as allows you to prefix your tables with the schema/database name.

HBase has a concept called namespaces. Of course, now looking back at it seems you already asked that question.

Take this as constructive criticism, not as whining; you will get much better responses if you can describe your questions/concerns better than one-liners. Good luck and happy Hadooping!

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestion and response, My question in elaborating is that is there any specific schemas in hbase or hive has?

Moreover I know about namespaces and would like to know any standard schemas are derived for hbase? If you are reffering that namespace and schema are same then please let me know how they are differ??

Thanks in advance