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What are the Audit Events tracked in Cloudera?

New Contributor

Hi all,

I would like know what sorts of events are being tracked by the Cloudera Navigator Audit Events.

Are all these below mentioned being tracked?

Cluster Activity

Add Cluster

Delete Cluster
Start Cluster
Stop Cluster
Restart Cluster
Refresh Cluster


Node Activity
Add Node
Delete Node


Service Activity
Activate Service
Create Service
Delete Service
Deploy Service
Download Service
Install Service
Start Service
Stop Service
Update Service
Upgrade Service


User Activity
Add User
Delete User
Failure to Login



Super Collaborator

Hi @deshawn_c ,


The audits events you mentioned in the post are captured by Cloudera Manager. 


Cloudera Manager records cluster, host, license, parcel, role, and service lifecycle events (activate, create, delete, deploy, download, install, start, stop, update, upgrade, and so on), user security-related events (add and delete user, login failed and succeeded), and provides an audit UI and API to view, filter, and export such events.


Please see more details from this doc link:


Thanks and hope it helps,


Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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New Contributor

Are we able to see the audit properties set to tracked for service components?

I could find the audit properties for CM.

Under /opt/cloudera/cm directory there's a file which states CM audit events that is tracked.


Is there a similar one for Services(e.g. hdfs/hue/hbase)? I believe there should be one somewhere... 


Each service will have its own audit setting under CM > {service} > Configuration > Search for "audit". You can see the list of events that are filtered and others will be audited, see screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 10.11.01 am.png

Hope above answers your question.





I believe that Cloudera Navigator only audits CDH components, like HDFS, Hive, Impala etc, not CM components.

More information about Navigator can be found here: