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What are the semantics of Tez logs?

Hi, I am trying to get query information like the query text, Username, session Id after running Hive queries with Tez. I know that logs get generated in /ats/done directory.

Running on Azure:

To be specific: When I run a query like "select * from table1" which has fewer data results in a single "entitylog" file with "daggroup" keyword and a single "summarylog" as shown in the below image.


Whereas complex queries with joins or functions result in multiple "entitylog" files with keyword "daggroup" in them. And multiple "summarylog" files.


Running on AWS:

For the same queries I see multiple and single "entitylog" files with keyword "dag" in them and the same for "summarylog" files.

Is there any rhyme or reason for the log file names? When would we get a single or multiple "entitylog" or "summarylogs"?Are there any docs from where we could refer to or would be helpful if you could point to the exact piece of code where these get generated.


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