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What happends when ClouderaManager goes down and not able to bring it up?




I have a strange doubt in using Cloudera manager express edition. In any scenario, the manager might go down, or the DB can get crashed or the some external issue that put the cloudera down. In such case, the backend services will not affect, but how to manage those services/roles?. Have anyone had this issue. 


I wonder if one-day manager node goes down, what will we do for the other services?. 




Super Guru

@sharathkumar13 Technically the other services will keep running. But managing the services without CM is difficult however you can perform task using command line for some services but that’s a tedious task. So CM is essential to monitor the services. 

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Thank you @GangWar . This helps. 


My only worry is the backend services that are being manged by Cloudera client agent should not be affected. How I can do the command line task for the services? Can you please do the needful by giving some examples or a link to go-through?