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What is Backup node in Hadoop?

What is Backup node in Hadoop?

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What are roles and responsibilities of Backup Node in Apache Hadoop?
What is Backup Node and how it works in Hadoop?


Re: What is Backup node in Hadoop?

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Backup node isn't a concept.

Several components have High-Availability setup, for example your other question about the NameNode.

ResourceManager, HiveServer, HBase Masters, and other components have availability considerations.


Re: What is Backup node in Hadoop?

A backup node could be a separate node other than your cluster nodes, where you are keeping backup of you back-end databases. Such databases are required to run hadoop services such as Hive(metastore), Hue, Oozie, Sqoop. all these services require databases for storing table/partition/files information, scheduled jobs, or user database. These are some essential and important databases which currently do not participate in cluster HA setup or are not a part of it because such databases have their own replication or backup mechanism.

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