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What is Datameer & How it is related to Hadoop?


Hi therem

I am pretty new to Datameer. I just want to Know that

  1. What is Datameer?
  2. How Datameer is related to Hadoop?
  3. How Git is used with Datameer?

Thanks in advance.


Super Guru
@Jeeva Jeeva

1. What is Datameer?

Datameer positions itself as an end to end analytics platform. According to Datameer, they help ingest (in Hadoop), cleanse/prepare data that was ingested or as it is being ingested and then also provide ability to query data using Hive/Tex/Spark and then provide visualization for the queried data. Hence end to end analytics.

2. How is Datameer related to Hadoop?

Data that datameer ingests or queries and performs analytics on is stored in Hadoop. Under the hood technologies used to query data from Datameer are Hadoop ecosystem technologies like Hive on Tez and Spark etc

3. How Git is used with Datameer?

While no way to know this with certainty, I am pretty confident that they use git for their code repository and version control. As an outsider, there shouldn't be any relation between git and Datameer.

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