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When the number of widgets in Ambari is large, all widgets show "No Data Available".


When the number of widgets in a service in Ambari is large (more than about 10), all widgets show “No Data Available”. I looked Chrome’s Inspector and found the warning messages like ““Metrics with name "regionserver.Server.ScanNext_95th_percentile._max" not found to compute expression”. Those messages do not appear when widgets are shown as I expected.

I increased Ambari Metrics’ parameter “Metrics service default result limit” (timeline.metrics.service.default.result.limit) from 15840 to 35840, but it did not solve that problem.

How can I solve this problem?



In case all widgets show “No Data Available”, the request for Ambari REST API to get metrics for widgets is not issued as far as I watched Chrome’s inspector.

When widgets appears as I expected, requests like “/api/v1/clusters/qhbasec01/services/HBASE/components/HBASE_REGIONSERVER?fields=metrics/hbase/regionserver/Server/Get_95th_percentile._max[1517876519,1517880119,15],metrics/…” are issued periodically.


Is the number of Ambari widgets that can be displayed at the same time affected by the performance of the machine on which Ambari Server is running?

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