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When using hive sql,it indicates the task failed(show in pic 1 and 2).However, when entering YARN to see applications, it shows the task succeed(pic 3), can anybody explain it?Please

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Hello @Devink ,


thank you for reaching out to the Community.


I understand that your issue is:

Hive on Tez job that is failed because of OutOfMemory issue is reported as successful and you would like to know the reason for it.


Please note if you have a Cloudera Subscription, a Support Case might be a better forum for deep analysis.


Could you please give us some additional information, so we can assist you more efficiently?

  • What is the distribution you are using and what is the version number, please? (e.g. HDP, CDH, CDP)
  • Is the successful-state reported via Hue from an Oozie workflow? What Oozie action did you use to execute the Hive job, please?
  • If it is not via Hue and Oozie, please specify where did you see the application reported as successful.


Please note, Oozie is at the mercy of the status reported back from the job it is running. 

There are two ways that Oozie can detect a failure in e.g. a Java action. If an exception is thrown from the main method of the class executed by the Java action or System.exit is called anywhere in the code, Oozie will treat the action as failed. It will then transition to the Error state configured for the action.


Thank you:


Ferenc Erdelyi, Technical Solutions Manager

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Sincerely,thanks to the reply.I would like to offer more information you may need. We use cdp7.1.1. The successful information can be seen in YARN(MR included), which is in cloudera manager.